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Dimark Precision Machining began as a small family owned and operated business in 1992 in a small brick building near the Lithuanian Village of Brockton, Massachusetts.  It was established by John Brown and Leonard Flathers to enhance the production of John’s sheet metal shop, Dimark Inc.  In 1995 Dimark Precision Machining hired James Porter, who is currently one of the three owners.  John, Lenny, and the employees of Dimark Precision Machining devoted their time, energy and passion to develop the business and make it successful.

In 1999, Dimark Precision Machining and Dimark, Inc. moved from Brockton to Whitman into what used to be the McCarthy’s Ice Cream building, on Commercial Street. Dimark Precision Machining acquired Burnham Industries, another machine shop that previously resided in that building.   The sheet metal shop and the machine shop continued to strengthen at the Whitman location.   While doing so, they established a broad customer base – with all of those active businesses still honoring Dimark Precision Machining with the privilege of serving them today.

The years beginning with 2002 brought several changes to Dimark Precision Machining.  The owners, John Brown and Len Flathers, sold the sheet metal shop to the owners of Eastern Arc and Machine, Scott Morris and Scott MacLeod.  This allowed them to focus on growing the machine shop while in their 5000 square-foot space in the back of the Whitman building.  It continued that way until October of 2004, when Dimark Precision Machining was purchased by the current owners: James Porter, Richard Lawrence, and John Porter.

For the next six years Jim, John, and Rick continued to work hard to expand and build the business at the Whitman location, including expanding to a second shift.  In 2010, Dimark Precision Machining acquired Radii Precision Machining and it’s 8,400 square foot building in Pembroke, Massachusetts.  All the employees welcomed the move and the new members of the team.  745 Washington Street is the current location where Dimark Precision Machining continues to grow and prosper by working hard, being creative, focusing on quality and optimizing its processes.   Quality, customer support/service, hard work, and outstanding pricing have been the backbone for our success.

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